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Would you believe you can travel via coach and ferry with a ticket as a foot passenger to the Outer Hebrides for less than £100 return during the summer!

I have does these journeys myself on several occasions travelling between Kent and the Outer Hebrides.

Whats involved?

Lots of planning!

Basically you have to start with the ferry travelling between Uig, Isle of Sky and Lochmaddy, North Uist. Pick your prefered day of travel and then check the Citylink website to find a coach that matches and that will get you to the ferry terminal on time. Once you have the ferry connection and also the Citylink coach that matches you can then look for a National Express or other provider which will get you to Glasgows Buchannon Bus station to meet your Citylink coach. All necessary links are available on my links page.


I found when travelling up from Kent that the method involved a coach departing early evening from Canterbury which would arrive at London's Victoria coach station.

From there I would take an overnight coach which departed around about 7pm - this would arrive at Glasgow's Buchannon bus station at 07.00am the next morning! From there my Citylink coach would depart at around 09.00am which would arrive at the tiny port of Uig on the Isle of Sky at around about 4pm, just in the nick of time to get the ferry as a day passenger!


Travelling back involved getting the morning ferry from North Uist to meet the Citylink coach which would depart around 2.45pm this would arrive at Glasgow for 11.00pm, I would then get an overnight coach back down south to London and then onwards to Canterbury!


This method of travel is great if you're on a budget and have always wanted to come and visit the Outer Hebrides, however it is pretty extreme and not for the faint hearted!


Just a couple of tips: With the Citylink coach I found booking an apex return was just a few more pounds expensive than a single! Also take some mints and a pillow!