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Combined Boat Ventures and Chartering using 'Chippie' and his fishing vessel: 'Piscatio'. 
Trips to Uisinis Lighthouse and Nicolson's Leap!

Ideal for experienced confident freedivers / adventure snorkellers 

How it works: There are 2 options as follows, both involve a 1 hour 20 min voyage (twice) on Piscatio using the service of Skipper 'Chippie' who is an ex - Royal Navy Diver and Marine Engineer. He presently lays creels for crab and lobster around the East coast of Uist.

Option 1: My small tender is towed and we are dropped off at a convenient location close to Uisinis Lighthouse, we remain in radio contact with 'Piscatio' whilst Chippie goes about his fishing. We can Freedive / Adventure Snorkel at multiple locations dropping anchor at many different spots including the cave beneath the Lighthouse and also Nicolson's Leap! 
This is priced at £150 per person and at present is only available to one client due to the size of my tender.

Option 2: For 2 to 4 people priced at £130 per person, we Freedive / Adventure Snorkel from the 'Piscatio' and Chippie is available exclusively for our needs / multiple drop offs and his vessel is in our close proximity at all times. 

Both of these options are dependent on appropriate weather conditions and require at least 2 - 3 days notice as a bare minimum for proper planning and preparation to take place between myself and Chippie. 

A little bit of background: 

The legend goes that many, many years ago......a local man by the name of Nicolson who was exposed as having an affair with the Clan Chief's wife was eagerly pursued across the moors, hills and heather. Upon reaching this spot and the precarious cliff edge with no where left to run he did out of desperation leap across the chasm and through luck or fate land on the other side...upon the rocky pinnacle. This his salvation from his pursuers ultimately became his undoing and he was unable to escape from this stack and perished on the rock!....

....Who knows if this tale is true....but what I can confirm is that Nicolson's Leap is a truly amazing spot to freedive and spearfish / forage. The views are spectacular and not to be missed!

Contact me to take part in this adventure! (20/06/2016 I've had to upload this modified jpeg, as the website is posting all photos as landscape)