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Kick Boxing - Punchbag Workout: - Incorporated into some of the circuit classes or as an entire 50 min / 1 hour class!!!!

Here's how it works:Just check out the the videos below running left to right. They are brief, just a couple of min's each, apart from the 'Full MP3' video 2, which I'm sure you'll enjoy watching as this will be what you'll be able to do with just a little bit of practice! (shadow boxing) (and briefly at the class, with the bags or focus pads)

The first video is the'Punch Numbering System'explained, very simple - just check it out!

The other videos are brief very well made instructional videos, which break the moves down in simple to understand steps!You'll come across the 'round kick' video, I suggest using this with the 'instep' rather than the 'shin' when it comes to performing the 'roundhouse kick' in the MP3 workout - keep it all simple, this way it'll all work fine!

Please note: You do not need to worry about any of this in the standard circuit class, Mon, Tue and Thursday.......unless you'd like to do this. In which case it will be available to play at the boxing station. Otherwise the basic, 'Jab, Jab, Cross' x4 then Jump and change will be a simpler option. Or leave it out altogether!!

The class is very well equipped now with 4 very large 'heavy' bags and also a kick shield and focus pads, gloves are also provided or you can bring your own.
At the moment, options as follows for this fantastic very efficient workout:

You can come and experience some of this for £7 per person in the evening at my regular evening class. (advised to wear leg wear that covers the knees, due to leather!)

Or if preferred, then I will be running 'small 8 people max per class' (min 4) lunchtime workouts at Balivanich Hall on a Tuesday and Thursday, by prior reservation. Plus also a 5.55am Friday morning session. Also now running a Thursday evening 7pm session. Cost of the lunchtime class / Thursday evening and Friday morning will be £10 per person. The lunchtime and 5.55am Morning will incorporate a whole 50 or 60 mins of this Kick Boxing workout, with all 10 rounds so you'll get loads of individual bag time. Geared to the fitness level of the people that come along, working at your own pace. Names are needed by Wednesday evening in order to book the hall for the Friday morning don't delay and get your names to me to be included!!!

Other options in the pipeline and coming soon upon demand! Try today, don't delay - you'll love it!!!!
17/03/2015...not sure what's happened here, as the videos all have the same preview picture now? They are however all different - please play them from left to right, top to bottom!

This will be you, in just a few classes!