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If you have come along to anything that I offer and are happy about your experience then please email or text me, your comments to copy and paste here below: I will not edit your comments and print them exactly as you write them! Please supply your name: first, second, or just nick name, etc..for me to place next to your comment! 


Mixed Fitness class / Personal Training / Snorkelling & Freediving / Massage!:

I went snorkelling with Tom in December and it was a fantastic experience! Don't be put off by the cold, he made sure I was kitted out properly in about 3 different layers, and it made all the difference. I was warm throughout my dives and there's still lots of amazing things to see in Winter- we even had a couple of seals follow us for a good while! Tom is a great host and even caught some scallops on one of our snorkel dives and made us dinner! I really recommend going diving with Tom, it's a great experience.

Rozlyn Little - December 2017

"Thank you, Tom, for a fabulous day. Snorkelling in the Hebridean waters surpassed our expectations. We were so impressed with your range of wetsuits of every size and all your equipment and especially your attention to detail in getting everything set up perfectly for all of us. You took such good care of all of us, even down to providing lovely hot drinks and sustaining snacks. The great photos you took and sent to us were the perfect finishing touch. Can't wait to do it again!" 

Julian Guse - July 2017 - (written November 2017) (group of 7 people)

Tom fitted me in for a snorkeling and freedive day at short notice during my visit to uist and made a great job of kitting me up for the session paying great attention to making sure I was warm and comfy . the dive was great at an old pier ,with his instruction I enjoyed myself very much spotting shoals of Pollock, sea urchin s , big starfish, a range of crabs and beautiful anemone's . And he supplies the tea and twix bar for the mid dive break taken floating on a mass of seaweed ,quite surreal. Top bloke

Mark Williams - September 2017

We went snorkelling/free diving with Tom a few days ago and I can't rate it high enough!! I hadn't worn a snorkel since I was a kid and so wasn't super confident, but Tom's enthusiasm is infectious and I was straight in the water with my boyfriend Sam, toasty in our double wet suits.

Tom took just the two of us out to an amazing location at very short notice, and made sure that Sam didn't miss out on anything more advanced while I didn't feel left behind for being less confident. We saw a magical world of gigantic kelp, hermit crabs, starfish and sea anemones...not to mention otters!! 

We met at 9am and didn't get out of the water until about 2.30pm, and if we hadn't been dashing for a ferry to Barra that afternoon then Tom would have been eager to show us another fantastic spot...such good value for money.

As it was, we had no idea of the scale of these islands, and Tom did us a huge and massively appreciated favour by getting us to our ferry in time, picking up hire bikes on route (Please note: not officially included in the service!!). You couldn't ask for a kinder, more knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide to these waters. His new Mountain Bike/Free Dive adventure sounds so exciting, hopefully we'll be back to try it soon!

Catherine Rocca - September 2017

Free diving with Tom was the highlight of a week spent exploring the Outer Hebrides! My partner and I arranged to go diving at pretty short notice, but Tom was super flexible which made it possible for us to squeeze in a full day of the most amazing diving.

We were fitted out with clean, comfortable, and most importantly really warm wetsuits in no time, and whisked off to the coast to begin exploring underwater where Tom led us through loads of different underwater terrains, helping us spot the incredible number of creatures as we went…starfish as big as bin-lids, 100’s of crabs of all colours & sizes, fish, sea urchins…everything. We were even lucky enough to spot not one but TWO SEA OTTERS(!) from ~5 meters away, a truly unique experience.

Tom knows everything about the animal life & ecology of the area, and seemed excited to share his knowledge with us at every opportunity…he even dived deep and returned with a huge Scallop which we ate that night, still buzzing from the dive. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Would recommend to anyone, and hope to return for another trip soon. 

Cheers Tom!

Sam Humphrey - September 2017

I've been going to Tom's fitness classes at Balivanich hall since February and have really noticed a big improvement in my fitness. The classes are hard work but a lot of fun. Tom puts a lot of effort into making the classes different so you never get bored and he is very good at motivating people. I have lost inches and toned up and the sort of exercises he does in the class has helped me to prevent getting injured when I go out running. I would highly recommend these classes for anyone of any fitness ability because there is something for everyone.

Alana Sloan - September 2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Tom took my teenage boys out snorkelling this week and they had the " best time ever". We arranged the trip at very short notice and Tom really went out of his way to make sure the boys managed to get the experience they wanted in the limited time we had. Tom was extremely professional,, knowledgable and patient with the boys. He made sure they saw as much as possible in the time they had in the water and really tailored the experience to meet their needs and ability. This has definitely been the highlight of the boys' holiday in the outer Hebrides so far . We were extremely impressed with the service and Tom managed to get some incredible photos of them under the water with all the sea life they encountered. We even managed to take a scallop home ! Keep up the good work Tom. We will definitely be in touch again on our next visit for some more of the same!!

Valerie Anderson - August 2017

Myself and my partner spent a day free diving with Tom. It was mega! We had the most awesome day. Really enjoyed it. Loads to see, lots of starfish, sea urchins, jellyfish, crabs. A great route around the loch. It really was the highlight of our holiday on the Outer Hebrides. We were lovely and warm in our double wetsuit combo. The equipment was good quality and very clean. Would thoroughly recommend Tom to anyone. A really great guy, very knowledgable and a pleasure to spend the day with. We really did enjoy ourselves and can't thank Tom enough for a great day. We are planning to return and do some spear fishing next time!

Vicky and Jim - July 2017

I had the most amazing 3 hour massage with Tom last week! 

I always thought 3 hours would be too long but that is certainly not the case. I have been to spas before where you book to have a 45 min or 1 hr session and by the time they get you in, talk you through everything and let you get changed, you're down to more like half an hour! Tom doesn't do that. He talks you through everything and is highly professional. Anything you would like him to focus on or adapt his massage to, he is always willing and able to provide. I have been having some lower back trouble so he focused on that and a week later, I still feel great, no more pain. 

The price is incredible, I've never had a massage with such care, detail and effectiveness for such a low price. Tom is great, the consummate professional and I will definitely be booking in again soon. We're also looking at booking him one evening for a girlie pamper night which I think is a brilliant idea. 

Thank you again Tom, and see you soon!

Nicola Kemp, June 2017

We visited the Outer Hebrides in early June and was wanting  to do some cycling and also a bit of free diving. We noticed Tom’s website online offering free diving (diving without a tank) and after a couple of phone calls we decided to take the plunge . . . so to speak.
We arrived at his premises in Balivanich and he started to suit us up. This had taken a little longer than we had expected, but this was due to Toms diligence in getting the correct size of suit and thickness to fit properly. After around an hour of squeezing into our suits, we drove south for around 30 minutes to an old harbour at Sgioport in South Uist. Tom   gave us weights suitable for our size and ability to help with the dive. He then explained various things what to expect and where we would go etc. We then entered the water and explored the various  areas around the shore. The water was reasonably clear and we examined lobster and crab creels left from fishermen to collect later. After around an hour in the water, we went ashore for some welcoming hot chocolate and biscuits. After a short rest, we entered the water again for some more diving. Tom managed to find a few scallops which were large enough to take. He also put back a few which were small. We had a great day which lasted from 10 a.m. to around 6 p.m. Tom would have to spend then next hour or so back home to clean, dry and sort out the gear for the next days events. All in all, a great experience which cost £65 per person. Good value considering the time and effort taken. Would definitely recommend it.

Colin Rennie Aberdeen, June 2017

Hi Tom
Thanks for a fantastic time diving around the old pier. Your time spent fitting our suits and your patience throughout the day was much appreciated. I will spend time editing the go pro and pics and will forward them. We have already prepared and cooked the scallops and roe which were delicious!
Best wishes and thanks again

Colin and Rob, June 2017

"Thanks to Tom Rossi for a superb day adventure snorkelling/ freediving. All equipment was of the highest order and Toms knowledge of the area is second to none. It truly was a special day exploring the reefs, old jetties and islands in the crystal clear waters of the Hebrides.

I will be in touch when I return to Uist (hopefully soon) and would highly recommend Benbecula Freedive and Fitness to all."

David Wood, Loch Skipport, April 2017 

Hi Tom, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for such an amazing free dive experience. I'm going to 100% recommend everyone should do a free dive with yourself. I can't get over all the starfish, sea urchins, fish and crabs. Just all the colours and sights. Wow. Thank you.

Heather Howie, Balivanich, September 2016

"I led a school trip to the Western Isles from Edinburgh in May and we were based on Benbecula for a week. After a glowing recommendation from our hosetel owners, I decided to contact Tom and I'm so glad I did. We went out for two days of snorkelling, dividing our group into 6 and 7 pupils with two staff accompanying them. Tom was incredibly patient, positive and precise in his dealings with them, taking all the time required to ensure they were kitted out properly and felt safe and secure, both in and out of the water. The whole group came away having enjoyed the experience, talking about it all the way back home to Edinburgh. I can't recommend Tom highly enough; I'll definitely be back!"

Alfonso Iannone, George Watson's College, Edinburgh. May 2016 and May 2017

Snorkeling at Loch Skipport was am amazing experience! One which I recommend any one to try. Tom was a fantastic guide very organized and client focused. I was impressed with his attention to detail in getting the right wetsuit and kit combination to ensure warmth and comfort in the water. The activity its self was fun and exhilarating and I felt safe at all times. Toms enthusiasm is Infectious and I will definitely be booking another session sometime soon. Thanks again, *thanks.

Fiona MacKinnon, August 2016

The seas around the Outer Hebrides were looking pretty clear in the week before this snorkel trip, so I was looking forward to getting in the water with Tom Rossi of Benbecula Freedive and Fitness...........continued here, please click!

Victor Grayson, July 2016

Just had an amazing full body massage done for 2 hours and it was worth it. I am right into my bodybuilding and so I workout 3 morning sessions 5.30am but 9 workouts 6 days a week and my muscles where tight and so definitely don't feel stiff or sore now after an AMAZING massage definitely recommend thanks for today Tom Rossi.
Malcolm MacPhee, March 2016

Hi Tom,

Apologies for taking so long to get back to you.

We left Uist on what must have been one of the nicest days of the week - sunny, warm, calm as a millpond! Typical, but that's part of the charm of coming up - you never quite know what the holiday holds for you!

Back in grimy Glasgow again, but the weather is slightly calmer than what I think you're enduring just now. Nevertheless I'd be up at the drop of a hat if I could for another 'Tom' massage! Worth a plane ticket!! I can't say how much I enjoyed the massage you gave me, it was one of the very best I've ever had (and that's a few, in various places around the world) It was a pleasure to meet you and I appreciated your professionalism, combined with a sincere welcome, making me feel instantly at ease. After months (indeed years) of low back pain at night, from which I rarely get any respite; eroding any pleasure of sleeping at night, I can honestly say that I remain pain free 2 weeks after my massage with you and I can hardly thank you enough for that. I enjoyed your technique, working a deep heat and just the right amount of pressure to relieve tension without feeling like I'd been beaten up! I quickly recognised that you were very attentive to my needs and connected, so I felt totally at ease and relaxed.

I shall certainly be booking another appointment when I'm next up in Uist and will certainly recommend you in the visitor book at Tigh Alasdair as well as on the web site. The islands have many gems to discover and you're one of them.

Thanks again Tom for a truly excellent massage. Hope you have a happy and peaceful time over Christmas with best wishes for many good things - personal and business in the year ahead.

See you in 2016.

Kind regards, Jan

Tom, thanks ever so much for the free dive/snorkel experience today. It was awesome! You are a true gent and went well beyond my expectations by taking the time to travel to meet me. You are extremely well organised and my lasting impression was one of friendliness, enjoyment and safety. I can't believe how warm I stayed for 2 hours, the gear you let me use was fantastic. We will be back next year to share you're good company and get some more dives and snorkelling in. Recommend to all.

Bryce Harrison, (ferry to Harris, followed by a quick snorkel / freedive!) November 2015

"Our holiday in the Outer Hebrides was full of many highlights but our day snorkelling with Tom undoubtedly topped them all. This for the most part was down to Tom himself - his care and attention to detail made us feel instantly at ease and his knowledge and enthusiasm for the islands, scenery and wildlife was infectious.

It was an incredibly relaxing day and we never felt in a rush. The drive with Tom to the snorkelling location took us over the beautiful South Uist landscape and we even had time to stop and feed the wild Shetland ponies.

Once in the water it was really surprising quite how warm we felt in our wetsuits. We gently followed the coastline, snorkelling in and around the stunning underwater forests of kelp. There was so much to see - numerous species of fish, various crabs, dinner-plate size star fish, sea anemones, jelly fish and sea urchins - the list goes on! 

Tom went out of his way to make sure we had an amazing time, being very patient and lovely. We even had time to stop on the shoreline for a flask of tea and chocolate bars that Tom took along with him. He also sent us some fantastic underwater pics of us he took on the day. Thank you Tom for such a magical experience, we're so glad we did it and can't wait to come back.

We cannot recommend this enough!"

Jon and Emily, August 2015

"Tom really knows what he's doing and provides a fantastic massage experience.  I had the 2-hour full body massage and he knew exactly how to intuitively read my body.  When extra pressure was needed, he was able to react and provide it.  I really liked how he started lightly and worked his way up to good strong pressure and then relaxed it as the massage finished up.   I exercise regularly so I tend to get many knots and sore spots.  Tom was able to work them out.  His long fluid motions worked out the problems I was having and hours later, I still feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  I've had many massages over the years and Tom's massage is among the best.  And his prices are most reasonable compared to massages in other cities.  I look forward to seeing him again on my next trip to Benbecula."

Michael Safina, September 2015

‘Our family went snorkelling with Tom in July this year and had a great time. We had a 12 year old and a 15 year old and were all toasty warm in the wetsuits Tom kitted us out in. The venue was great and we saw loads of wildlife – even taking home a scallop for our tea!’

Hugh Davidson, July 2015

Went for the full body 1.5hr massage with Tom. My wife had went previously and had encouraged me to go. Tom spent a lot of time on my back which I found very relaxing. However he would have spent any amount of time on certain areas if I'd asked; as he does a pre massage kind of questionnaire. The thing I found most enjoyable was the leg massage...which if anyone plays sports would esp suit. I'd definitely go back again and would recommend to other people.

William Morrison, June 2015

For many woman the idea of getting a massage by a man makes you feel apprehensive. I, myself felt like this before my full body massage with Tom. There was definitely no need. Tom made me feel at ease from the start! He explained everything I'd need to know about how he has trained to what he would be using. Then left me to get ready.
Like I said I had asked for the full body massage. Tom had asked beforehand if there was anything of issue / to concentrate on. So glad I told him. One issue I have is my lower back which felt great when massaged and to be honest haven't felt any discomfort since. .
Next was my legs and feet. I felt so relaxed I could have fell asleep. Tom asked in each area if the pressure was ok, which it was for me but don't be afraid to tell him as he understands everyone is different. Lastly the arms, hands and then face. By this point I felt so relaxed I didn't want to move. .
I have to say Tom was very professional at all times. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and came out feeling extremely relaxed and ready for sleeping....which is a good thing as I hadn't been sleeping well. Next time though I think I'll hire a driver to take me home lol. Give it a go and you wont regret it!
Yvonne Morrison, June 2015

Hi Tom!
It's Holly here - you took me snorkelling in Loch Skipport last week.  I just want to say again what an AMAZING time I had!  There were 2 highlights of my holiday: Barra Island - because the weather just happened to be PERFECT and it was like being in the Caribbean (!) & snorkelling in Loch Skipport!  I truly did enjoy it so much and for my next visit (I am definitely planning to come back!) I would LOVE to do 2 or 3 sessions with you over several days!  It was so much fun!  Now that I have your contact details I will be able to book it in advance too...

Holly Bowman, June 2015

Hey Tom! smile emoticon:-) Here is my review:
I had a 1 1/2 hour full body massage by Tom. This was one of the best massages I have had, it was so relaxing, I think I nodded off a couple of times! The benefit of Tom being a guy is that he was really able to work the muscles and get rid of the knots and strains. Tom himself was extremely friendly and very helpful, making sure that he was using the correct pressure etc for my liking. I would highly recommend getting a massage here, I've been telling all my friends about it!! I will definitely come again :-)smile emoticon
Katie Hebditch, June 2015

Just finished my 3rd massage from Tom He's professional and approachable and always takes the time to listen to what I need e.g. work on a sore shoulder or a pulled muscle. A massage from Tom is now a monthly event not only for my sore muscles and working out knots but for my general well being. I recommend Tom unreservedly!

Thanks Tom. Sue - North Uist

Tom is an excellent Personal Trainer.


Whilst on holiday for a week in Benbecula I had 3 PT sessions with Tom  During that time I lost 2lbs and 1% of body fat.


I would highly recommend Tom for PT sessions and fitness classes.  If I lived in Benbecula I certainly would be training with him.

Annabelle Matheson

I decided to give Tom's fitness class a go in October 2014, I was a bit wary at first as I was pretty unfit and I was also the only male in the class. The ladies were all very welcoming and they are all a really good laugh. I soon realised that nobody would be laughing at how unfit I was because they were all too busy concentrating on their own workouts. I used to go to one or two classes a week and it really surprised me how quickly I got used to it, I was feeling a lot fitter after just a month. I have been going to 3 classes a week all of 2015 and I have just ran the Benbecula 10K, something I would never have pictured myself doing before I started the classes. His new punch bag workout is very enjoyable and the classes are extremely addictive and I know that is what most of the girls in the class say as well. I would recommend this class to anybody male or female, if you want to get fit get to these sessions! I now feel fitter than I ever have before and it is all down to Tom.

Cheers mate!

Chris B

I went snorkeling with Tom on a cold and very windy October day. The people at the hotel couldn't believe I was going snorkeling in this weather. So I was half expecting that it would be cancelled because of bad weather. But Tom knows the island well and took me to the beautiful Loch Skipport where the weather was no issue at all!


Once in the water, in a perfectly fitting wetsuit that only leaves a small part of my mouth exposed, I felt instantly at home in this alien world. The view under the water as well as above was breathtaking. I'm used to snorkeling and free diving in the Mediterranean sea. In Scotland, the feeling of facing the elements while being completely protected from them, along with the chance to encounter seals adds a whole new dimension to it.


We stayed in the water for almost 4 hours. It left me elated for the rest of the day, with a feeling that I earned my next hearty Scottish meal.


Thanks Tom! This was the highlight of my holiday! I will definitely be coming back.





"I had a great day out snorkelling with Tom, he really knows the area and goes out of his way to point out wildlife and make the day as enjoyable as possible.  I wasn't worried about being cold and Tom ensured I wasn't by providing all the gear from the extensive stock that he has and making sure it was a perfect fit. 

The scenery in and out of the water is amazing.  I saw a giant Jelly Fish and Star Fish, lots of different types of crabs to name a few, there were even a couple of seals around though they didn't come and have a look at us.  The pier was really great to snorkel around with lots of types of beautiful anemones.  The wild horses were cute too.

Everything is very well organised and the hot drinks and snacks in the water really made all the difference to keep your energy up for the great hours of swimming around.  My friend didn't want to snorkel but came along for the ride.  Thank you for a wonderful day, everyone who visits should pop in the water for a day and come and see Tom and let him show you the underwater sights!"

Vicky Stacey, Loch Skipport, September 2014

"Hi Tom, we just wanted to say a huge thanks for such an awesome day out with you. We loved the whole day; snorkelling, biking and sausage sandwiches in the van! We were both pleasantly surprised by how warm we were all day in the kit you provided, we might even be persuaded to try getting in the water in winter! Still can't believe how much we saw both in the water and out from starfish to Shetland ponies. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for an adventurous and fun break!"
Colin Bostrom and Rachel Housby, 12 hour West, East and Ride Dive Bonanza, August 2014
"I thoroughly enjoyed my massage; Tom was very pleasant and professional, explaining that he is self studied. My back always has a lot of knots and tension in it, but after an hour and a half I felt more relaxed and my back felt a lot looser. Thank you Tom, I would definitely recommend you."
Lyn Jackson, 1.5 Hours Full Body at 'The Shore Room', August 2014

"Hi Tom, thanks for a fantastic day out! First time snorkelling and I felt safe and confident. 

Encountering the seal was breathtaking - it was so close I could see it's whiskers! 

Seeing an octopus speed off was a bonus too! I didn't realise the sea was so full of life that close to the shore. Thanks again!"

Rona Mackay, August 2014 at Culla Bay.

"Fabulous fishes and flippery fun even for fearties like me! Do you do vouchers? Would be a great gift for anyone who's ever wondered what's going on beneath the surface..."

Gillipops Wonderflump, August 2014

"I've dived on the Great Barrier Reef, in Indonesia and Thailand but none of these prepared me for freediving with Tom in the Hebrides!

I was blown away!"
"We got out of the water after three and a half hours, we were still warm!"
"Tom's care and experience made sure we were well prepared for an amazing adventure. His enthusiasm is infectious!"
Robin and Alison from London, July 2014.
Ride / Dive Combo!
Hi, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed myself today it was a good workout for me lol! 

Legs are a wee bit stiff but its a good feeling! 

So hope we can do this again I really had great fun and a good laugh. :)            
thanks Malcolm


Hi it's Malcolm! Just want to say thanks for the full body massage! Very good! Muscles feel amazing! Will be back again!


Malcolm from Uist


Shore Room was a great venue for my sports massage. My muscles were tight beforehand due to all my running. 

After an hour and a half of the Full Body massage I felt brilliant, well worth the money. 

In fact I could not believe how cheap it was. For all football players on the island Tom's massage is a must.


Good luck Tom, from Donald. :-)


Donald MacAulay, Liniclate, Isle of Benbecula.



"Great friendly service, greeted by Tom and felt instantly comfortable, he was very informative and ensured I got exactly what I was looking for from my massage.


Massage was a nice combination of relaxation and working on areas that have been causing me aches and pains, will certainly be booking again soon!"


Lorna MacLeod, South Uist.



“Thank you for making me so welcome at your circuits classes and for keeping me challenged each week. It was great to see the progress – from five ducks to nine in a couple of weeks!! I certainly felt fitter – thank you!”


Chantal Cooke,  




Hey Tom,



I just wanted to say thank you for today. I really can't tell you how much I enjoyed myself! Seriously, still can't stop smiling!!



I've wanted to do it for forever so you've really helped fulfil my dream. I was so grateful for your hand - I was a bit nervous but you have a lovely calming and reassuring way about you. Thanks SO much!



I have to say though that you have a fab business opportunity to promote the massage with the snorkeling. OMG my neck and shoulders ache like crazy! I guess it's to be expected, but...



Anyway, thank you. The day was so brilliant, can't wait to do it again. I'll write something for your web site, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed today.



Thanks again,


Diane x


(August 2013, Diane Cook has allowed me to use her email. We snorkelled at Loch Skipport. Thank you Diane!)


Thanks for the classes the last couple of weeks. They've been great! Will definitely recommend to any other Dundee students here on placement :)

Catriona Quirie, May 2013 (originally posted on my facebook page)


"hope this is is the place you want a revue, crippled 60 + has had a new lease of life, after only a

couple of months of tom`s full body massage, doctor`s had given up and said it`s old age nothing we

can do. well tom can do it .many thanks tom, happy, christmas n new year kathy x"

Kathryn Stephenson, South Uist, December 2012(originally posted on my facebook page)


"I can't believe the difference that Tom's Fitness for Women classes have made to my life! The classes are hard work but fun and quite addictive. I really have never even jogged before, but if you go regularly then you really feel your fitness and confidence start to build. There's no pressure to feel that you have to become an athlete and no one looks at what you're doing because they're all too busy concentrating on their own activity. It is also great to see that many of the other women are just like you. It appeals to all ages and all levels of fitness. Tom just encourages you to go for it - and amazingly after a few sessions you find you can!
Within less than a year I've lost more than a stone without dieting. All I've down is just go regularly to Tom's classes at Balivanich Hall - mostly just once a week, and I went to some of his personal sessions to get weighed, measured and talk over my progress - also did a bit of boxing (great workout). I took his advice about having smaller meal portions (I was always rather fond of second helpings!!) and its done the trick. Couldn't be happier to be in good shape. Not just slimmer but fitter!! Try it for a month in 2013 and see how it can work for you. Laura Donkers"

December 2012


I always feel wonderfully relaxed and completely chilled out after one of Tom's massages. I have indulged in massages all over the world and it is so good to have Tom on the doorstep. Go on give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Just don't book every other Friday at 4.30pm cos that's my time!



South Uist, November 2012



Hi Tom,


Many thanks for today I felt really good after, it was good to meet somebody who obviously cares about what he does and as much about the person who is receiving, next visit to Benbecula I will definitely get in touch with you.


I get a lot of massage in the UK and overseas and I think one of the most important aspects to how you feel afterwards is how genuine the person is that is carrying out the massage, I can not recommend you highly enough, many thanks again Tom.


Martin Guppy, November 2012


Decided to try out the Swedish massage and am so glad I did. I have been a few times now and Tom always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I walk into the room.


Tom makes you feel looked after and safe on the massage table as he is genuinely interested to know what works for you. He listens to his clients!


The atmosphere is very calming and the attention to detail, from room set-up to choice of music, is fantastic. I also appreciate his integrity, respect for privacy and sense of humour as well as his massage skills.


I have always left the massage feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated and have enjoyed every moment. I always look forward to my future appointments and definitely recommend a massage to anyone.


Liam Hamilton


Sept’ 2012

(poster recommendation!)


I have now taken part in a small friendly group twice snorkelling in Uist.  Although I live here I have never done anything like it - it was truly amazing!!


We went to Loch Skipport and Cula Bay, great places to have a safe but exciting initiation in snorkelling, I plan to continue to branch out and explore further in time as confidence grows.


The equipment provided was excellent and I didn't feel cold at all - which for me is very important and the company and attention to needs was second to none!! The fact that only 2 days after my first experience I had booked another session says it all..............

I definitely give this experience a 5* rating for the fun factor, Tom's company and advice, the equipment and choice of dive places.  I could not recommend this highly enough.


South Uist


I recently went on a snorkelling trip with Tom and it was a brilliant experience. I contacted him by telephone and everything was dealt with very professionally and my trip was sorted with timings and kitting requirements in a matter of minutes. Tom was kind enough to offer me a lift as I was staying close to our activity venue and after a short drive to a CullaBay and a nice cup of tea I got changed into my wetsuit. The equipment offered was of excellent quality and spotlessly clean.


Next, the best bit!!! After a quick familiarisation we were on are way. Tom was excellent company in the water offering some tips and advice which was greatly received. We went at my pace and it was awesome seeing all the different rock formations, seeing some interesting fish and diving down into some deeper gullies. Tom was also very flexible with how long I wanted in the water giving me the option of turning back at any point during the morning with no pressure to continue and having little stops on the shore to get my breath back. The weather wasn't great during the day with lots of rain but I didn't even notice in the water, in fact I would say doing it in the rain is the best time as you couldn't even tell it was raining!!


To summarise I couldn't recommend more highly spending some time with Tom while on Benbecula. He is a really enthusiastic guy who obviously loves taking people out to experience the waters around Benbecula and I will certainly be paying him another visit when I return to the Western Isles.


Thank you again Tom!!!


Rob Attrill, Lossiemouth, August 2012



TOM ROSSI - what can I say?


Uist’s Personal Trainer extraordinaire..….certainly an answer to my prayers!  How can you have knowledgeable, enthusiastic, motivational, empathetic and boundless energy in one sentence – meet TOM!


His fitness classes are popular and meet everybody’s needs - from the sickeningly athletic to the flabbily unfit.  He works hard to vary the 2 classes each week, challenging and progressing the regular attendees whilst engaging the newbies!   He makes a point of remembering everyone’s name and motivating each and everyone of us for whatever we can produce.  Moreover, he always provides a choice of alternative exercises for anyone with particular physical difficulties.  No-one need feel stupid, different or left out!


Tom also offers one-to-one Personal Training sessions which are worth every penny…. believe me!  After a careful and thorough assessment, he works out and designs a personal weight-management and exercise programme which is continually reviewed.  From my own experience and talking with other Tom devotees, anyone with a medical condition is treated with empathetic sensitivity and he is particularly skilled at adapting programmes when medical or physical needs vary or an injury occurs.  Progress does not need to stop.


I followed the weight-management programme (diary and calorie-counting) religiously for 4 months and found it interesting, easy and, more to the point, successful!  Combining this with the exercise programme he designed for me and I haven’t felt so good for over 10 years!  I’m getting my life back!


For anyone hesitating about getting in touch with him…… don’t delay, GO FOR IT….NOW!



July 2012   


We had a fantastic time snorkelling with Tom at Culla bay in June this year, and while we missed the sunshine that day there was plenty to see under the water. Tom did a great job of kitting us out in the back of his van and made sure we were covered from top to bottom in neoprene, including gloves and a hood which was a new experience for me! The wetsuits worked really well in the reasonably cold water and we both felt really warm for the entire 90 minutes we were in the sea. We pushed off from the rocks and straight away were into the kelp, a truly magical experience and an amazing feeling to move with it in the swell.


Tom was a great guide and showed us some fantastic rock formations including a tiny inlet that the water filled up and down with the swell, reminding me more of a water park than the Outer Hebrides! We saw a variety of fish and marine life and although we missed the elusive seal there was plenty to see. We also enjoyed stopping for a break on a rock halfway around the bay, where we had a drink from Tom's flask- definitely one of the more interesting places I've had a cup of tea! I can't recommend this experience enough, it's a fantastic way to get below the waves and as someone who has looked at the sea and sailed on it many times it was a revelation to finally get beneath it in the UK. Thanks Tom!


Tom Newman and Laura Rawnsley, June 2012


I have never been snorkelling, diving, before, however I have become hooked in this activity. Being a local, I had never thought about doing it, until I went out to the beautiful beach cula bay. I advise everybody to come and try out this activity.






I spent a most enjoyable couple of hours at Culla Bay in the company of Tom, in my first ever go at snorkelling.   He made a big effort to ensure I got gear that fitted me and was comfortable.  Then, in the water, he let me set the pace as I'm not a particularly strong swimmer.  With the wet suit and flippers it felt very safe and easy, and a great experience looking at what was going on under the waves.
Tom is a really friendly, helpful bloke and I'd definitely recommend his services even if you've never tried snorkelling before!


"Tom, thanks for a great couple of hours snorkelling at Loch Skipport.  I got a 2 hour voucher for my birthday and had an absolute blast!

The time and effort you took to ensure the kit I wore was right for me, was really appreciated.  Once in the water, a whole new world emerged, swimming past starfish, sea urchins, hermit crabs and shoals of tiny fish.

After an hour's exploration, hauling out of the water for a brew and a snack was really welcome.  The return leg was just as good, with a bit of swell to add interest!

The two hours spent in the water flew by and I can't wait to go out again.  Thanks again for a great afternoon.  Highly recommended!"




Hi Tom
Just to say thanks for a fantastic day out in Loch Skipport a few weeks ago - what a brilliant experience.  Was a bit nervous as I'm a novice snorkeller but your guidance, hints and tips really made all the difference and made it a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.  Couldn't believe how crystal clear the water was - and so much to see.  Have recommended you to all my friends so you'll probably be inundated with enquiries.  Here's to many more snorkelling experiences in Uist!
Warm Wishes


Mairi C F MacDonald