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                                           Swedish and Deep (sports) massage by Tom!

I've now been providing massage in Uist for 6 years from my 'Studio Room' at 41 Airport Road Balivanich.


Available for regular weekly or monthly appointments at times to suit your needs. 


Evenings and weekends or early mornings also available!


Find time for yourself & enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing massage, it's a great way to unwind & let the tension melt away!


It's also a useful aid to speed up your recovery after a tough exercise class or other strenuous activity.


Treat yourself to either a 'Neck, Back and Shoulders' or opt for the fantastic 'Full Body'!


Why book with me?....

For Lots of choice, you decide with Full Body or Legs whether you'd like, Mid Thigh, Upper Thigh or Upper with Glutes. 

I also offer long time periods for enhanced relaxation to really perform a good massage. (not your 'off the shelf' factory massage..but unique to your physique)

Other options available...Guys can also receive Chest. Just have a look at the disclaimer / request sheet on the bottom of this page for full details!


Bring a friend along, if you like - there's plenty of space for him / her to read a magazine, whilst you enjoy you're massage!


Nb - this service can also be combined before or after, Personal Training sessions or Snorkelling / Freediving!  


This service is available to men and women, please contact me if you'd like any more info! (recommendations, click!)


Now also flying into Glasgow and Edinburgh to visit clients at their homes or chosen salon - contact me to book and for pricing. le emoticon

Tom's Studio Room:


 41 Airport Road, Balivanich.    


Please ring:

01870 603324 / 07950 251620




In addition to my standard times I also offer my 3 hour Full Body massage.

It's recommended that you have had either the 1.5 or 2 hour previously to ensure you'll be suitable for this increased length and that you enjoy massage!

(or you have experienced this length of time elsewhere)


Back and Shoulders with Sacrum: 1 hour
Back of right leg and glutes (feet and toes optional): 20 mins
Back of left leg and Glutes: 20 mins
Front of Shoulders, Arms and Hands: 20 mins
Abs (men or woman) or Chest (men): 10 mins
Front of right leg: 20 mins
Front of left leg: 20 mins
Face and Head: 10 mins

With nourishing Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel or Sweet Almond oil.

If this sounds good to you then the price is £83 with refreshments and an interval provided if necessary. 

                                                    Introduction to Swedish and Deep (sports) massage by Tom


The Lacroix and Lidell method uses many elements and strokes of both soft and deep tissue sports massage to give total satisfaction with a sense of completeness to the discerning client. 


It can be used all over the body, ie glutes, head, feet, belly; at the prior signed for request of the client and is offered to all accessible areas of the clients physique.


In addition to in depth study of the above two publications and many clients over the past 6 years, I have trained with the 'Therapy Training School' and completed their diploma in Swedish Massage which included on-line study, manuals, and practical training with assessments in Glasgow.   


My training was certified by 'The Guild of Holistic Therapists' and the 'International Institute for Complementary Therapists' and I am insured with 'Salon Gold'.


If this all sounds ok to you, and you'd like to try my relaxing, enjoyable and highly effective massage then please contact me and arrange a time convenient to yourself. 

Booking essential within busy periods! (at the moment!)


If you have any of your own music which you'd like to bring along then please do so, otherwise my modern sedative or other suitable tracks can be selected.


Luxurious white towels and plump pillows offer comfort and warmth, allowing your body and mind to relax and drift away whilst your position is firmly supported on a 'massage imperial' black sturdy couch.


Refreshments are included or you can bring along your own.


The massage takes place at my 'studio room' at 41 Airport Road.

After a brief initial consultation (with no time lost from your massage!) I'll explain to you what your massage could entail and then you simply sign for the areas you'd like included in your massage and note any particular requests, ie - lots of time on the feet or sore lower back etc...


Home visits available on request, pricing as follows:

Within Balivanich and outskirts please add £15

Further than outskirts of Balivanich please add £20


Full contact details are viewable on my other page .....please click! 


Corporate rate!

Hire me for the whole day to provide pleasure and relaxation within your workplace: £140


Grapeseed oil: High in linoleic acidand vitamin E, light and slightly astringent.

Light and non-greasy and easily absorbed to leave skin feeling soft.

Apricot Kernel oil: High in proteins, vitamin A, B and E, one of the most potent natural

antioxidants. Neutralising free radicles in the skin. Protects and nourishes eczema, dry

and irritated Skin.

Sweet Almond oil: High in proteins, vitamin A, B and E, one of the most potent natural

antioxidants. Protects and nourishes dry sunburned and irritated Skin.

Grapeseed oil

Apricot Kernel oilSweet Almond oil

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