The following are some screenshots of a previous website that I use to own, the clothing shown is entirely from my own 'self-taught' bespoke designs and manufacturing methods, it is the second hastily put together website with regards to these items, offering just a very brief snapshot of 'some' of my 'other' designs which I use to manufacture and sell.


I was concerned with offering quality and fit, only the very best was good enough, hence the brand name! I would settle for nothing less and was striving for the perfect fit! 


The garments contained smaller and stronger zips with an emphasis on producing a correct figure-hugging fit rather than something just average!


At the time there were no other suits like these with small zips placed on the back.

Why??! In 2005 I was medically discharged from the Army, due to the onset of a 'nasty' malignant grade 3 brain tumour, brought on by exposure to heavy metals within the workplace, chromium and manganese, long story and complicated! And very dodgy, i.e. - inadequate protection. I had retrained as a REME-Metalsmith which I loved, but would and could never again choose this as a viable job. Apart from fume and dust hazard, seizures affected the muscles in my arm, which at the time meant I could not produce the same movements necessary for welding. This work, like metalsmithing was an outlet for my creative side!

The tumour was cut out and I received 6 weeks radiotherapy, I'd run to the Royal Marsden from the train station (in my usual jeans and jacket etc..) and up the stairs rather than the escalators, I was fighting this and intending to live my life and be true to myself.

I'd just left hospital and with my brother went to an 'expo' in London, I saw the product and at first thought 'wow' then my second was that if I removed the long zips that could not stretch and made the waists much narrower I would produce a much sleeker suit!

So I then set about teaching myself using basic principles and a small amount of research, my methods of manufacture were unique, along with my items!

The latex tops with semi-transparent cups shown below took a massive amount of time to develop to achieve the correct fit and alignment, the green is an 'A' cup and the blue is a 'B' cup, they look similar although the base of the green has no depth / extra material to it. Both these and the red catsuit were part of a 'Barbarella' catsuit development phase! The prominence of the red suit is the result of stitching plastic half-spheres onto 'B' cups and then glueing over strips of latex before inserting into the suit.

Due to the 'Covid-19' outbreak, and other factors I have decided to resurrect some of the previous sectors of my business..... which were always just on the 'backburner'!! 

Contact me for any commissions or to purchase any items which I may offer for sale! 

Bespoke clothing by 'Rossi'

Snorkelling and Freediving in ultra warm wetsuits!

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