I’m Federico Cirina, a licensed MTI massage therapist in Edinburgh.


I come from a beautiful Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea called Sardinia and have lived in Scotland since 2016.


I provide Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release therapy and my 'Slow Massage' massage technique which I have developed while treating a wide range of clients. 


It’s probably slower than you’re used to, and it’s deeper than other techniques you’ve experienced before.


I can provide treatment based on one single technique on request though naturally I like to mix the three approaches as I feel appropriate in each single treatment.


I have gained a 'Holistic Therapeutic Massage Diploma' with the Massage Training Institute NVQ 4. Also I have completed an 'Advanced Myofascial Course' at the School of Holistic Therapy here in Edinburgh.


I look forward to meeting you, together we’ll agree on a treatment that’s best suited for you.


You can visit me at my studio at 50 Learmonth Grove, Edinburgh. Please click on my website link for further information. 

Thank you,



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Federico Cirina


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