Ladies Night! - An evening of Massage and Fun!!

So how the 'Ladies Night' works is that yourself and your girlfriends first choose how long you'd like me to attend for. This could either be for six hours from 6pm until 12pm or for ten hours from 4pm until 2am! 

(I am flexible to other timing requests)

The host could then receive a 3 Hour Full Body Massage or 2 hours if they don't want to leave their friends for too long and this could happen at the start of the evening.

You can also hire me for your solo use if you'd rather that option and everything listed here could still be included!!

You are able to add on any extras that you'd like and this is included in the price of the evening, ie - Wraps or Essential Oil Massage or Reciprocal (please read about my Massage technique and all the options available to you!)  - basically you can receive as much or as little as you'd like from me. And you can mix and match massage times so all your friends who'd like one - get one!! 

This is primarily first and foremost an evening of Massage. High quality excellent 'Swedish & Deep Tissue - Massage by Tom'.

I specialise in long time periods with lots of choices, unlike anything you will find elsewhere. And I'm very good at what I do!! (that's not me being overconfident, just how it is!!!) (please read my reviews!) (also please read my 'Massage Page')

Massage should not be rushed, it takes time to connect and read the body and perform a great Massage, and also a certain amount of natural ability which no 'methods of instruction' will give you - a massage that makes you feel afterwards like you are floating as a previous client wrote in her review! 

All that follows is extra 'stuff' on top of an evening of superb Massage! Crazy fun 'out the box' and totally bizarre / somewhat nuts fun to fill / add to a 'Ladies Night / Girls Night In' of wicked girly fun and frolics!!!

Stuff where you and your girlfriends can really let your hair down and be shocked but at the same time excited at the level of power and trust - thus handed over to you! Some 'OMG' moments that are rare to come by, but forever remembered! Occasions that don't happen every weekend - one-offs like a crazy hen doo or 30th Birthday party that has some 'special' entertainment booked!!!! (like one of those 'Jas0n Stat_ham lookalikes!!)

The other thing I could offer to you during this evening which is quite daring and totally unique but hilarious at times is a bespoke silent 'vac-bed demo' with myself as the demonstrator model and you and your friends as the assistants with regards to the various different aspects of help required to actually get / wriggle 'bit by bit by bit' inside and then to have the vacuum created once the (far too narrow) 'entrance opening tunnel' has been rolled and pegged shut and then followed by any polishing / shining that may happen afterwards.

You can decide among yourselves who will polish the vacbed using a special cleaner and spray. Or draw straws to decide, or each person takes a role. Though no tickling and careful with sharp nails!! 

Once inside I will be completely unable to move. (but safe!) And the vacuum cleaner can be switched off and taken away. Apart from slight responsive twitches (liquid polish feels nice) and futile attempts at movement (which won't work!) (funny to watch the shiny and flexible material do this!) my arms and legs etc...will stay exactly where you initially place them. The thin but strong latex will, within seconds conform to every single contour of my body. Absolutely pinning and shrink packing me from head to toes in that position! (feel free to cover anything up if necessary) Even my individual fingers will be completely and individually parted / enveloped. You can leave me like this from 1 - 3 hours.

(though I won't be 'clock watching', - but I do really enjoy my breakfast!!)

Once I'm securely inside in whatever position you'd like me to adopt, (you might prefer that my legs & knees are together with ankles crossed and arms pressed alongside my hips with fingers open) the choice will be yours how the evening then pans out. (I'll trust you!)

So this is where the 'Girls Night' dictates the ensuing antics. (woops!!)

One suggestion would be a 'Life Drawing Session' with basic sketching / charcoal materials supplied upon request. This would be for fun and lots of funny chit chat could come from a comparison of each other's artwork! (I'll pick the winner!)

Or a 'Card Game', feel free to use me as a convenient table or forfeit prop!

Or you could use your imagination to decide how best to utilise such a bizarre opportunity, and play some other games of your choice such as 'Yee-Ha Cowgirl'. Using a pillow as a handy saddle!! Just be careful and perhaps remove your shoes or other buckles / sharps to avoid any damage! And don't let the drinks allow you to forget to release me!

I am completely unable to see and will also have just slight vague hearing as my ears will be plugged so you and your friends can chat freely as you would on any other evening. However - although sight and sound senses are removed for me, the sensation of touch is heightened to an incredible level. I will certainly feel safe and be able to sense you all around me. 

You could also lay any nibbles / food bowls around me / between the various gaps if you were, for instance, to choose to then watch a late-night film!

(though try not to forget about me if  / when you turn the lights off!)

(so, so far your 'Ladies Night' could contain: Massage, Life Drawing, Party Games & Movies!)

Or perhaps you'd just like to have an unusual 'Centre Piece' whilst you turn up the music and enjoy some dancing! Basically as long as you keep an eye on me - you and your friends can enjoy your evening as you see fit.

You can decide on games, timings, music and content etc.... I will just go with the flow!! (not that I'd have much choice!!!)

Massage can be recommenced at any time or you may prefer these games / activities to be at the start of your evening or before or whilst your guests arrive.

Price for the ladies night can seem expensive at first, but if you break this cost down between 6 friends then for the 6-12pm option this works out at just £66 each or between 9 friends at £44. 

If you really want to have a wild evening with absolutely no rush and a feeling of total indulgence then the 4pm - 2am option between 6 friends would be £109 or between 9 friends at £72. 

Alternatively, the host could pay for the initial 3 Hour Massage leaving the resulting balance to be paid by the remaining girlfriends. 

This cost would be as follows: 

Ladies Night 6pm - 12pm - £395

Host = £110, remaining 5 guests = £57

Host = £110, remaining 8 guests = £36

Ladies Night 4pm - 2am - £655

Host = £110, remaining 5 guests = £109

Host = £110, remaining 8 guests = £68

'Solo' or 1 - 2 person option (special price)! 

Perhaps there is just one other girlfriend that you'd like to enjoy your ladies night in, or you are looking for a 'Solo' booking just for yourself!


If this is the case then I can offer you my 6pm - 12pm evening for just £270!! 

This includes the 3 Hour Massage plus all the other entertainment!! (life drawing, games, and movie etc!)

Other payment options can be arranged - just contact me and let me know how you'd like to divide up the cost. 

Payment can be paid via Bank Transfer to save on fees or alternatively I can accept cash. 

Card payments are also an option.

Chat to your friends and set about organising your next incredible fun 'Girls Night' In!! 

This promises to be a fun evening like no other and also one that will certainly be remembered. 

You can be the 'Host' and set about rallying around your friends or alternatively why not all chip in for a surprise party for your lucky loved one! 

Read my Massage page (click here) to read all about my Massage technique. And also my reviews (click here)

See you soon!!

(taking reserve bookings / initial enquires - so do contact me, with any requests for specific dates / venues)

(next heading to Edinburgh or Glasgow etc... later in August / September!!)

Thanks Tom. :-) 

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