Would you like to become, or continue to be a Massage Therapist and work for yourself under my enterprise of Benbecula Freedive and Fitness? 


I have been providing massage in Uist (Outer Hebrides) for 6 years now and have built up many clients.


My massage technique is unique .. in that I was originally self-taught via an excellent couple of guidebooks. This combined with a natural ability and necessary enthusiasm for the art has delivered me many excellent reviews. I later completed a massage diploma ... purely in order to gain insurance. My skill had already been learnt and honed through my self-study and satisfied clients. 


I believe that 'Full Body' should be exactly that... at the choice of the client. They sign for the areas they'd like massaged and choose a time period they are happy with, viewable on my 'disclaimer' / 'choice sheet' found on my massage page.


If you, too could follow this basic fundamental strategy and also that you actually enjoy massage (this is essential) then I'd be pleased to have you onboard. I also offer a 3-hour massage .. but understand that many of you would find this perhaps something to attempt at a later date .. if ever! 


I offer guidance in my methods and would want to speak to you and also ideally receive one of your massages...either before or after one of mine. It is important that you add value to my business and that we follow the same vision... as far as massage is concerned. Your positive reviews would be posted on my website .. on a page separate to my own reviews for my 'freelancers' and of course be yours to keep to promote your own business. 


My website will also feature highly in searches within 'google and other search engines'. I have had success in the past with this freedive-uk.com website (keyword: freediving scotland) (plus other sites) and am confident that as the months pass I can achieve a 'first or second page ranking'. So other 'non-hotel clients' will also find my website / advert / your profile through a direct search for massage within Edinburgh or Leith. (please note though...that this advantage will only increase as the months pass as I continue to manipulate the ranking, using different methods)


Whats in it for you?


You get to keep all your takings ... apart from paying me a monthly rent of £69 which works out at just £2.90 a day over a six day working week..



First 3 months charged at just £40 to help get you off the ground: £1.70 per day / 6 days. 

(please note - you can work as few or as many days as you like) 



I will provide you with my 'disclaimers / client screening' forms. You will be 'self-employed' as a 'sole trader' and pay myself to provide you with a space on my advertising platform, to take advantage of my positive reviews and good reputation that my business has gained. 


This year from March 2018 - March 2019 my business will be promoted through a 1/4 page advert in 'This is Edinburgh' which is a high-quality hardback A4 guidebook distributed to visitors bedrooms throughout all of the key 3, 4 and 5 star hotels within Edinburgh and Leith. They have a print run of over 10,000. I also have 2 business listings in the 'Visit Scotland Explore Guide'. And am a member of Outer Hebrides Tourism. 


The guidebook advert pictured here above, mentions therapists either within Edinburgh or Leith and will point people to my website ... which is where they will see you - plus a write-up and photo and contact details. They will then contact you directly to arrange an appointment. If you are unable to visit them / already fully booked or just busy then no problem whatsoever. You choose when you work, just simply point them back to my website where they can try the next available therapist. 


Whats in it for me?


My business venture spreads throughout Edinburgh and Leith and I receive a monthly rent in return for providing you with a steady stream of tourist and business clientele. 




You will need to be registered or register as 'self-employed' with absolutely no reference to my name or business. You can simply use your initials and surname. You are a 'Freelance Massage Therapist' which I am promoting through my website and other promotional tourism guides. 


You'll need insurance .. I use 'Salon Gold', though there are many other providers. 


A qualification / diplomawithout this you could still appear on my website if I am confident in your abilities. The disclaimer that you then give people to sign (I can provide this) will mention that you are self-taught via publications and a mentor - me!) You will not - however, be able to gain insurance without a certificate. Don't worry .. as your reviews will speak loudly of your natural ability. When and if you feel the time is right then you can invest in a short weekend diploma to gain insurance. 


You'll need a good sturdy strong massage couch: 




Massage oil:




And massage couch sheets: 




Plus some towels to cover the client, I like to use white ones ...  I have found 'Wilko Functional' brand are very good value, no need for expensive ones .. as the oil can soon stain them. You'll need bath towels, hand towels and bath sheets.




Massage music - I can provide you with some excellent sedative music which is very relaxing or you can use your own. 



How will it all work? 


Clients will see my advert. They will then either log onto my website and in the process see your profile, Edinburgh or Leith location and your contact details to contact you directly or they will ring me as it's my business number which is listed on the advert. My phone will contact me whether I am in Uist or Germany as my phone is on divert then... I will then put them through to yourself! Simple! 


You can then either ask them to come to you, you may perhaps like to rent a space in a local beauty salon or use part of your house or you could visit them at the hotel or guesthouse where they are staying. 


They will pay you cash at the time of massage, the price is that which is listed on my Edinburgh advert above you could choose to use a card payment, though I avoid this due to the fees incurred. 


My pricing strategy is carefully planned - my ideal time period for a Full Body is at the very least 1.5 hours, this is easy to achieve and my pricing is such as to allow for tips ... which often arise with hospitality work and thus,, round up the figure. You could charge more,- in that .. if you need to travel to them you could add on a surcharge of say: £5 / £10 or more if they are a considerable distance away. In this way, you will achieve some very good income. Or perhaps you have very specific areas that you are qualified in, this could also be added on if the client base are prepared to pay the premium. 


If this sounds good to you, then contact me by email or phone: 



01870 603324 


and we can sort out getting you on my website and up and running. Then you can sit back ... and be confident that the bookings will come with the many visitors that frequent Edinburgh and Leith each year! 


This truly is an ideal time to jump onboard and secure your position, this is the first area of my business to be offered to other freelancers! 


Thanks Tom. 

Massage Therapists are required in Edinburgh and Leith! 

Apply within, please read on for full details:

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