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Rossi Drying Room

Hey, hey.......fellow washers!

So a very brief introduction for you!

Hi, I’m Tom Rossi - formerly a REME (British Army) Metalsmith and a guy who just loves to design and build great well thought-through products.

Utilising my fabrication skills and my unique thinking / brainstorming I'm the tradesman to build your bespoke and highly desirable clothing drying room!

I’ve got experience in clothing design and manufacture, Fitness Equipment - design and manufacture, portable Massage Tables, Motorbike Sheds, Mountain Bike Sheds and Drive (Dog) Ports for cars plus lots more amazing utilities which now include - wonderful glass-panelled slatted drying rooms which hide your washing away neatly on hangers and utilize the venturi principle to speed-up ambient airflow through the slatted floor and door panels.


Wouldn’t you just love to be able to neatly tidy away your wet washing to its own purpose-built drying room?


A drying room which is a real feature point - beautiful in design and practical and efficient - a place to hang your washing out of sight. You can then transfer this dry washing to your wardrobes or actually just use the drying room as a sort of dressing room / additional wardrobe!


The ‘Drying Room’ is built by myself within the ‘dead space’ at the top of your staircase (within this style of house) it is sized and positioned so that the tallest person within the household can easily walk down the stairs without any need to ‘duck’ beneath.


The drying room features a huge and stunning glass panel (guarded on the inside) - this helps with heat convection, though its main purpose is to transform your drying room into an absolute feature point and create a space which other guests or family will be in awe of. Be ready to receive the word ‘Wow’ as a regular compliment!


Warm airflow actually speeds up when it meets the narrow gaps between the slats and continues upwards through the drying room - your clothes will dry within 1 - 2 days!


The drying room is accessed via a large slatted door (aids and speeds up airflow!) and a purpose-built 8 run wooden ladder that will rest against your bannister and the entrance space. From here you can easily reach the top hanging poles and the lower level foldable metal clothes airer.


At present, there are 2 options for your glass panel. These are either Chromatic Rainbow or The Dark Knight!


Build time is 1 - 2 days! Including 2 coats of paint then 2 / 3 days.

This purpose-built ‘Rossi’ Drying Room is presently priced at just £890.

Contact me today and I'll set about developing and then building your totally bespoke fantastic 'Rossi Room'!

Please note that if the wood looks slightly unusual in appearance then this is because the client wanted to recycle and repurpose a former Bunk Bed! Great to instil new life like this! However - rest assured your Drying Room will be built using standard available timber!

If you live elsewhere in the UK then definitely also get in touch as I can arrange other work at your location.

Please visit my website to read some of my reviews for the other services that I offer and trust that when I put my mind to things, great things happen!!

If you could share this post to any friends or family that may be interested in / would love a 'Rossi Room' then this would be awesome!


Thanks Tom. 'Hot Dog' with every order placed! 😉

compact 10.JPG

Contact me today and I'll set about developing and then building your totally bespoke fantastic 'Rossi Room'!

If you live elsewhere in the UK then please also get in touch as I can arrange other work at your location.

Thanks Tom.   

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