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Rossi's Hot Dogs & Pancakes!

Rossi's Hot Dogs & Pancakes!!!


Since 2016 - Serving you my tasty Hot Dogs with slowly caramelised onions and melted cheese plus delicious Pancakes with a choice of wonderful toppings whilst you wait! 

Lots more on my menu with regular exciting 'specials' iterated from time to time when I feel inspired!  

Visit me 'when I'm open' (I'm like an icecream van - catch me when you can!!) at the 'Hot Dog Driveway' / 'Dog Port 1' or when I'm mobile 'out and about'!

Enjoy the pics - everything is always designed and built by myself!

Visit my Facebook 'Hot Dog' Page in order to get updates of when I'm open, where I'll be and what I'm serving!!

Plus lots more photos, posts and videos etc.....

Thanks Tom. :-)

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