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Personal Training / Weight Management


I also offer Personal Training and was previously REP's registered.


This allows my attention to be focused on yourself and your individual needs!


You can use my services for either Weight Management or Fitness or both!


I have a studio in the Ampaipear Building at 41 East Camp, Balivanich, just down the road from the airport.


My prices as of October 2023 are either £85 or £105 per person for an initial consultation which lasts 1.5 - 2 hours, with further work put in by myself afterwards.

(this is for metabolic forecasting / kcal requirements / plans)

Afterwards, the cost is as below


Unless asked for you will be offered regular exercise sessions (cheaper) at the first initial session without kcal / metabolic forecasting / produced gym plans, this will be at the cost that here follows:


The cost is £65 per hour 'individual rate' or £30 per hour per person 'group rate' for 4 people.

(x2 people are charged at £40 each)


(If you would like a session that also records and provides you with your: Body Weight, % Body Fat, BMI, and daily KCAL Requirement + 20% less figure this can be done for £85)


If you require me to travel to yourself then there is a minimum fuel charge of 45p per mile if your location is not so close to Balivanich, plus an additional 'travel / time rate' to be decided upon at the point of 'acceptance of service'. 


Nb, this 'fuel / travel' charge is for PT and not for Snorkelling / Freediving which is another side to my business.


I also offer massage which can really help with physical and psychological relaxation, stress relief and weight loss! Massage improves the circulation and suppleness of your muscles and helps to eliminate toxins that can cause stiffness and pain.


It's a great addition to your Personal Training (after your session) or can be utilised on its own, and is also a workout for your body!











































Nb- If you come to me for Weight Mangement / Loss then any forecast I give you will be based on your individual metabolic rate of energy consumption. I will only ever advise you to reduce your daily kcal allowance by a maximum safe figure of 20%. It has been found that your body will slow down if you try to lose weight faster than this - you will, in fact, end up gaining further weight as your 'lean' active muscle tissue is consumed to provide your body with the daily figure of energy that it needs to have one way or another!


Plans that advise you to reduce at a greater figure than '20% of your Daily kcal Weight Management Allowance' are dubious and ineffective in the long run and should be avoided.

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