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ROSSI Bottle!!

Introducing the 'Rossi Bottle'!!! 


As a previous serving soldier and now physical training instructor I know how to deliver and also receive a great workout! 


Many people understand that the classic 'Plank' exercise is an excellent 'Isometric' contraction for the abdominals and core. 

In addition, by running purposely with weighted bottles you maximise the efficiency of your daily run and build in an intense and high strength - pumped 'isometric' contraction on the chest, biceps, triceps, deltoids and forearms which are all having to contribute to maintaining a self-disciplined 'run form'. 

As with for some, and including myself, the personal 'choice' to run in leather boots and subject yourself to the huge substantial increase in required effort which could also be described as 'real world - task-full' effort, plus the energy-sapping effects of adding on a 15kg back-pack place your workouts into a totally different league! (which you can join!!) Of course, you can also run in standard trainers!!!

Train hard and fight easy! 

Working out is about effort and commitment - when you run you must be able to get yourself out and back in again. You carry your supplies - your water, and whether or not it's winter or rain you still train for when the temperature is hot and the fluid requirement high. Hence 2 bottles! This is a 'purposeful task full' and self-efficient approach to running! 


Place the water in front, and carry it and you have now built-in an amazing upper body intense and effective workout. Take things up a notch - as remembering none of this is meant to be easy and the decision comes to finally add on weight - now you're running with weighted bottles! 


Now you are running with the 'ROSSI BOTTLES'!!!


These 800ml bottles made from unbreakable 'Tritan' plastic features a large and practical screw top with a wide filling mouth. 


Strapped and securely thermally bonded onto this Tritan bottle are two 0.6kg specifically forged to fit (I was also an Army Metalsmith) lead weights. This gives you a run weight of 2kg per bottle!! (2.1 kg including Tritan)

You may prefer to purchase one bottle to start with and so you can swap hands whilst running or choose two right from the start with a commitment to your new intensified weighted runs firmly cemented into your psyche - one for each hand! 


This will give you a 4.2 kg (including the weight of the Tritan plus lid - 103g) run weight - that's some serious weight and is comparable to that of an SA-80 British Forces Rifle.


You will find the best position in which to hold these weighted bottles whilst running and at times when the intensity is severe, you can then push / butt them together - as shown in one of the attached photos. This will then enable you to keep your 'arms up' and maintain a strict run form. 


Pay just once for Postage when you purchase two bottles!


Available in a limited quantity - buy today - don't delay!! 

Now also available in 'Combat Camo Bandage' and 'Urban Warrior Pink'.

This gives an optional additional texture to the already awesome bottles and also looks pretty cool!


Give yourself an additional approx' 2600 Isometric upper body micro contractions over a 1.58 mile run / 6500 over 3.5. This will do wonders for your strength and you will really notice the difference after just 3 days of daily commitment! 


Running with weight will give you increased stamina and also develop wonderful athletic striations in your deltoids and forearms. Plus increase blood flow and muscle development in your chest, biceps and triceps.


Take your fitness to a new challenging peak!! 

Rossi Bottle in Dog Port 2022.JPG
Rossi Bottle 2022.JPG
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