Fitness Classes

Tuesday's - 8pm - ROSSI Fitness - £7


*Held at Balivanich Hall, aged 16+.or 14 if attending with an adult.

Come along for a great workout!


You can work at your own pace, or be pushed intensely if preferred!


Don't forget to bring some water!


For details of the kick box class - please click here!


For further details all about my massage - please click here!


Fitness class times are now 'Various'!!










Coming next week to the 'Main Auditorium' Leith Theatre, Tom Rossi, from Benbecula Freedive and Fitness based on the Isle of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides! 


Tom, ex - forces and now Personal Trainer and Fitness Class instructor will be bringing his renowned high-intensity workouts to your hall.


Contact him this week to show your interest and to let him know you are going to be attending his fitness class in Leith!

facebook: @LeithTom77    (please click!)

Leith Theatre - Main Auditorium

Fitness Classes:

   Monday 3rd June 2019

£7 per class advance payment

   via Paypal


   £10 on the door


Sorry the Theatre is unavailable for next week - class will happen at a later date on my next trip to Edinburgh! 

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